Installation of Solar Panels Using a Pole Mount System

solar-panel-on-pole-of-mount-systemSunRock Solar has started using pole mounts to install photovoltaic systems for some of our customers.  Pole mounts are a valid option when there is a small amount of roof space to install an adequate number of panels, the roof line is east/west, or there is too much shading to justify an installation.  The poles consist of a single pole with a crossbar where the solar panels are mounted.   There are two different sizes of poles that can hold either ten or fifteen panels each.  Because everything is mounted on a single pole, the footprint of each pole is minimal.

We buy the mounting system from a company called True South.  The company is located in Ohio and the poles are also manufactured here.

Another feature of these poles is that each pole has a hand crank, at the ground level, that can tilt the panels.  In this way, the panels can be adjusted to give an ideal tilt for each month of the year.

To see pictures of the installation of a pole mount system in our gallery, click here.